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Mona Lisa Smile

The barely perceptible smile of Mona Lisa ...

Watchet graffiti, England

Art ... such a broadly understood word contains basically everything .... Art can lead the soul to madness or to the brink of despair, never fully explained, incomprehensible in its essence. Sometimes the author himself may have problems with the exact interpretation of his work ... but isn't that what it's all about? Does art have to have frames, categories, types ...

If someone in the painting sees the barely perceptible smile of Mona Lisa, for him that smile is there, even if the rest of the world cannot see it.

Art opens the windows, shows the world wider, more, more, more intensely, it opens ourselves, if we allow it to be inside ourselves. If we allow ourselves to be a little strange sometimes, a little different than everything else, if we are not afraid of criticism or judgment - then our art, what we interpret and express through ourselves - then it will all be real.

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