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Life means changes

... it is the past mixed with the future, it is a constant pursuit of something that we cannot name or are afraid of. It is a constant attempt to find yourself in today's world, meeting the requirements and at the same time the desire to be somewhere in between all of them, with all your plans and dreams. Life is also courage, maybe even it is courage that defines us and how we live ...

Can life be beautiful while being hard and unbearable at the same time? Let me answer, of course, that maybe all the people who made it are proof of that. They managed to live on their own terms, adapt to the existing reality and to what cannot be changed. Enjoy what they have and be able to reach for more at the same time. I admire them for their courage, for the courage to be themselves in today's world.

Why am I writing in the third person? Probably because I would love to have so much courage. Courage is not much and at the same time everything. It defines who we are and what we are capable of to fulfil our goals and dreams.

The end of the year

... is approaching, some stage is over and a new, new chapter, a new blank page begins. Isn't that encouraging? It's time to change something, take action, decide. In fact, we have this time every day, but the beginning of the new year is like an invitation to changes, even if small.

This year

... was different than all the others, for some very hard and tiring, it brought unexpected changes, both in the lives of each of us and in ourselves. We have already got used to the situation in some way and we want it to end as soon as possible and give us freedom. Despite everything, and with these limitations, we have learned to live, to cope, and to fight for ours.

Above all, I wish you the courage to start earlier, not to wait, not to delay. Planning can begin today. Everyone has courage, but it appears differently for everyone. Courage is one of the pillars on which a good life rests.

So I wish myself and you, today, courage (why not?) To start your life at any moment, not to be afraid of your thoughts and words.

Ps. It was a bit quiet here recently ... I must have fallen into a winter sleep a bit earlier, I woke up, just in time for a beautiful end of autumn :)

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