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December memories

December ... always reminded me of magically falling snowflakes that I could look at for hours. As a child, I used to sit at the window, look and forget myself for a moment. The whole world disappeared, at least for this one special moment.

christmas gift

My December is brisk and sunny today, it looks beautiful outside the window. There has been almost no snow in my December for several years. All this is due to moving to another part of the world, to Great Britain. The weather here is completely different and although I am thermophilic, I miss snow and even frost. Being further and not having such experiences anymore - a person can appreciate what was once the order of the day. There is no experience, frost biting my cheeks, melting snowflakes on my hand, squeaking snow under my shoes ... and even though it may be trivial - but I miss these feelings ... I am moved by the sight of a mountain cottage standing somewhere in the forest among Christmas trees, covered in snow with the firelight shining in the window. I would like to move there right away ... feel this frosty air on my skin, experience the piercing chill and stay in the dark night, somewhere where the buzz of the city does not come, and the silence is only pierced by gusts of wind flitting between tree branches.

Dreams are beautiful sometimes...

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