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About poetry - drawer full of poetry

"Poetry can not be limited to material what the word is. We can find poetry in music, in photography, even in a meal prepared in a sophisticated way. In everything we can discover something new, in which we will find some revelation. Something like this can happen in an ordinary day, who seems to be just ordinary.

.. Write about heaven, the girl's smile, but if you do, let your poetry conjure up ultimate judgment or salvation, or something even more extraordinary. No matter what, when it touched, it charmed, penetrated to the depths, aroused shivers. And to make us feel immortal!

Poetry must be present and we must stop for one second to be able to see it even in the simplest and most banal moments. "

Dead Poets Society


The road in the forest splits,

I chose this less trodden ...

I invite everyone who is searching ...

Drawer full of poetry

Pictures are like poems, you can interpret them in your own way, You can see some part of yourself in them. Both of them are art enchanted in words and pictures.

Someone once said that passion is included in the risk, That's why I will venture and leave here what I've kept in the 'drawer' so far.

If I can inspire at least one person, it means that I am not doing anything in vain.


"A great performance is underway.

You can add a verse "

as Walt Whitman once said

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