"Poetry can not be limited to material what the word is. We can find poetry in music, in photography, even in a meal prepared in a sophisticated way. In everything we can discover something new, in which we will find some revelation. Something like this can happen in an ordinary day, who seems to be just ordinary.

.. Write about heaven, the girl's smile, but if you do, let your poetry conjure up ultimate judgment or salvation, or something even more extraordinary. No matter what, when it touched, it charmed, penetrated to the depths, aroused shivers. And to make us feel immortal!

Poetry must be present and we must stop for one second to be able to see it even in the simplest and most banal moments. "

Dead Poets Society

The road in the forest splits,

I chose this less trodden ...

I invite everyone who is searching ...

drawer full of poetry


Pictures are like poems, you can interpret them in your own way, You can see some part of yourself in them. Both of them are art enchanted in words and pictures.

Someone once said that passion is included in the risk, That's why I will venture and leave here what I've kept in the 'drawer' so far.

If I can inspire at least one person, it means that I am not doing anything in vain.


"A great performance is underway.

You can add a verse "

as Walt Whitman once said




wild road

warrior soul

hidden beauty

wild road

Let me whisper You

my poetry


I will look only


on my hands

I will open only

the book of my memories







not touched

Let me whisper You

warrior soul

Close Your eyes

but do not die

Cover Your face

but do not dissappear

Pour Your tears

but stay here

Finish this life

but do not stop

but do not stop breathe


but shout out if enough forces

hidden beauty

Touch me



among incomplete silence

our breaths

pierced screaming wind

and smell of our eyes

Touch me


the fullness of Your thoughts

and the colour of an audible voice

cold drops

of summer rain

and obsessive look to your hand

Touch me

without touch

look at me

hear my thoughts

flooded out of time

and wake up in me


wild road

I covered my face

covered my heart

crashed my thoughts

have worried my soul

the world has disappeared somewere

has dispersed


and rocked

hidden beauty


in the middle of silence

on the other side

of the sky

in the rain

I stumble

over Your belated hands

and unfinished look

for not spoken


and never unspoken thoughs

in the alleys of Your voice

I interpret the world

and invisibly go

to Your quiet side

hidden beauty

I remember

the smell of Your skin

wet from the rain

and warm from the air

cool from the wind

and quiet from scream

colorful from the moonlight

and uniform from the whisper

told from words

and through words


not touched

not described

hidden beauty

I found You

in the middle of the world

in the chaos of sighs

in the quietest silence

in my little world

which you managed to enter


I found Your touch

on my skin

in a dark room

somewhere at the end of the world

I found You in my heart

faded from sadness

hidden beauty

Empty room

glassed walls

breaking through

branches of trees

quiet rays of the sun




in a passionate dance

two lovers

rustling of a red dress

traces of shy feet

on a cold stone floor

enchated time

fuzzy look


accelerated breatch


warrior soul


when I hear everything.

every melody of Your breath

interrupted by kisses...

Opening roof

of the red car

penetrates through the shelves in bookstores

loaded with books

bending from the weight of the air

Each new page

clean and never-ending

discover faded memories

about a leather jacket

and flip-flops

colored nails

and green space

Kidnapped without objection

in love without a character

and flowing in different directions thoughts of a hot screen

traces of his feet

which are somewhere

and want

flooded by waves

and trodden

through the strands of her dreams and the madness of her hair ...


when I hear everything

every melody of your breath interrupted by kisses

whisper of butterfly wings

and border

which I cross daily

uncertain yet

steps ..

wild road

Shadows of silence

they are reflected

on the shoulders


in rhythm

the flame of a fragrant candle, pen movements


in a trembling hand, 

dance sand sands

in the distant desert,

searching for one

the only note,

expelled despair,

cork crumbles

floating in wine,

flying snowflakes melting

on silver eyelashes,

the sound of water

rubbing against a glass bottle, madness on the face,

of immortalized life

on the landscape

of the fleeing

fleeing moments,

in the rhythm of humility,

compass with golden initials,

touching melody

Shapes painted on the glass

they are moving, flowing

they are like the thoughts of everyday people

like the breath of his words

every letter

on a calm surface


the breath of a recovered life.

wild road

Closed glass sphere

and in it we

so temporarily




we're crowding

still and still

so equally


we reflect our thoughts

for every 

another day

looking still

still looking


in one shade


with life

Somewhere there


and crack


and next


and a touch of glances


and colors


and unrefined



and the door

warrior soul


everything you have

all thoughts

all unnamed words

unrepaired feelings

underestimated plans


Give up your soul

but do not die

Give up your body

but do not stop breathing

Give up hope

but believe

in hidden

deep in You


warrior soul


inaudible words

reaching somewhere

from the wilderness


in the middle of a passing life Stopping

seemingly unattainable


and this moment

which lasts now

in which I am

in which I breathe

and I'm crying

in which I live

saying only mine


warrior soul

There is so little

open windows

spread hearts

unseen souls

irreplaceable desires

screaming thoughts

running into space

saturated faith

the delight of full ecstasy inspiration dreams


in us

wild road

In endless silence

of my thoughts

listening and sanking

In countless embrace

my lonely arms

not to touch

In growing chaos

unsaved thoughts

broken rules

torn words

I stumble

I don't see



in no more world

Even a scream

is inaudible

Even the wind


wild road

Silence around

world around


creeping in

between thoughts

between words

which no one wants to talk


colorless looks

endless mess

and fleeing moments

quiet moments without tears

Uncommited words

unfinished sentences

underestimated days

Lost me

between this world

and my own

suspended somewhere


Swaying heart

escapes me...

warrior soul

Remind yourself

how tastes

a bit of madness

what the words looks like

that can't be described

using words

like a fire in a fireplace sounds

at an early morning

how the sea sounds

how the wind smells

how the wine tastes...

Remind yourself

all these moments

forgotten and distant

fragrant and irrational

Remind yourself

the sun's rays

breaking through


Remind yourself...

wild road

Hide me

in your wounds

so that I can feel

beating of your words

and the warmth of your cold hands immersed in someone's sin.

Teach me

love so much

and so much

like you

wandering through the desert of sadness and collecting grains of truth

hidden somewhere

on someone's face.


See me

just like others

though not many

weary and forgotten

bitter and incomplete.


Save me

with your strong hand


and bleeding.


But first

I will crush all the rocks

paving your way

I will wash your face with tears

hard already.

I crush the torn bridges

and wounded eyes

I will fill empty valleys

air c

overed with snow


and I will not count all the stars.


Let's go

I see trees


and stars around


I know all your words ...

wild road

So lost

in you

I am


frail twig

not dreamed yet


and thoughtless thoughts

unspoken words.

So crazy

and outgoing

from the surface

of clouds

and bouquets of the tiniest images.

I'm lost in you

a thicket of unmissive gestures


and shouting at the same time

in dreams

which levitate

in the space of turbulence

in dance


your only


which makes

I'm burning

every night

at any time

in every space

and look.

Eyelids built with words

they do not close

and they do not open

they guess the colors

with the help of a melody.

They see You

in the middle

of my world.

wild road

Churning taboos of leaves

with longing

looking at you.

And in them

Your curiosity about the world

Your pointy columns

Your clouds

and their whispering

Your love

to no fault

Your passion

so remote

like those big trees

Your horizon line


You are there

I see you.


wrapped in Your eyes

wrapped in Your calmness

and madness


and forgetfulness

in his arms ...